Ok so this is a tutorial to make the dragon-head of Terezi’s dragon cane using cardboard and papermache. You could probably also use like Friendly Plastic or something to cover the surface and make it a bit smoother, but I think it came out ok the way it is.

Dimensions are about 4cm at narrowest, 13cm at widest, and about 28cm in length.



Note: use what you’ve got first: all of this stuff can be substituted for other materials, take with a grain of salt

for the cane: just get a stick of some sort. I painted a bamboo cane red and white, and painted the black joints over the lumpy nodes of the cane. This is all you really need to know, I’m not making a tutorial for the staff.

for the dragon’s head:

  • approx 3 letter-size sheets worth of cardboard
  • Download this pdf file for template—it’s made for letter-size paper, but it should work for A4? I think I made the designs thin enough on the page, I dunno
  • Scissors; exacto knives are BRILLIANT, but you could probs manage without
  • a few sheets of paper; newspaper is your standard paper mache material, but I used a sort of heavy duty plain paper sitting in my basement.
  • Flour (half a cup or less, not much)
  • A biggish bowl so that stuff doesn’t drip everywhere
  • scotch tape or some other light tape that won’t rip apart the cardboard you’re using when you take it off again
  • red and white acrylic paint (you can also use cheaper water-based paints or whatever, but it won’t protect the cardboard as much. This is fine if you don’t mind it not lasting forever)
  • optional: pva glue, white craft glue, whatever you call that stuff
  • optional: a spray-on protective coating; I used an “acrylic sealer” that dried on matte. Not sure if it was really necessary, but I figured I may as well.

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