So remember that giant piece of particle board that’s been sitting behind your couch? Yeah. Grab that. Put it on the floor and lie next to it. Put some starting marks where your back is. Go from there with your sharpie and draw the wing.

Next, get some nails. A bunch of nails. Hammer them…



ok so i know a lot of people buy dentures for their troll cosplays and thats cool but i cant stand them for myself because a) i cannot talk and b) spit and c)they make my mouth look huge and gross and ugh they are just uncomfortable and i dont like them so i decided to make my own!! and theyre super easy to make depending on how much effort you put into them and how many you want to make

heres what just two fangs look like (you can make a bunch more to put in your mouth or make them sharper but i like to stick with 2 since im lazy haha)

steps below the cut because its pretty image heavy

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Mind control stickers


This is probably going to one of those things that I find completely hilarious while everyone else just sort of exchanges concerned looks about how I’ve completely lost it.

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